Community Empowerment and Reinvestment Grant Program

Community Empowerment and Reinvestment is an operating grant program that supports local efforts to bring positive economic outcomes to communities that face historically disproportionate challenges to economic growth. The program […]

Habitat Management Grants

The MassWildlife Habitat Management Grant Program provides assistance to private and municipal owners of protected lands to enhance wildlife habitat, while promoting public access for outdoor recreation. Through this reimbursement […]

Safe Routes to Schools: Infrastructure Projects

The infrastructure component of the Safe Routes to Schools Program comprises the engineering aspect of the “six e’s” strategy and involves an equity lens as well. This component of the […]

Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program

In FY 2024, two project types will be funded: 1) Planning Projects, and 2) Community Food Projects. Planning Projects provide early-stage investment in new, startup projects or to invest in […]


Funder:USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Max Award:$35,000 for Planning Projects, $400,000 for Community Food Projects

Min Award:$25,000 for Planning Projects, $125,000 for Community Food Projects

Match/Cost Share:1:1

Powering Affordable Clean Energy

The Powering Affordable Clean Energy (PACE) program is part of the Inflation Reduction Act. With $1 billion in funding, PACE helps make clean, affordable, and reliable energy accessible to the […]