Equitable Recovery for a Stronger Community  

The Opportunity

Through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) and other COVID-19 relief funding, Berkshire County has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to tap into millions of federal and state COVID-19 recovery dollars. Berkshire Funding Focus is serving as a leader and clearinghouse for the investment of those dollars in our students and classrooms, workforce and businesses, entrepreneurs and incubators, and neighborhoods and downtowns. By melding tradition and innovation, we can build resilient, equitable, healthy, and vibrant communities where all are welcome and where people live, learn, work, and play in conditions that improve their well-being.

resilient communities

Cities and Towns  

Find state and federal grants and resources to help meet your goals for housing, infrastructure, economic development, climate resiliency, and more. 



Find state and federal grants and resources to increase livability, vibrancy, equity, and economic stability in your communities, and more. 

Regional Readiness


Find state and federal grants and resources to increase attainment of early childhood, K-12, vocational, and college/university education goals and more. 

Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Small Business  

Find state and federal grants and resources to start and grow your small business and more. 


Discover Berkshire Benchmarks

Berkshire Benchmarks works with the community to use high-quality data to understand priorities, inform decisions, and track progress. By enhancing access to quality data and analysis, Berkshire Benchmarks helps strengthen the work of the region’s economic, educational, environmental, government, health, and housing sectors. 

Berkshire Funding Focus Overview

Berkshire Funding Focus was established to support Berkshire County entities seeking federal and state funds for pandemic-related recovery and rebuilding. The initiative is focused on four key audience groups: non-profits, municipalities, school districts, and small businesses.  

Through this initiative, Berkshire County entities can leverage government funds to strengthen their economy and educational attainment. The goal is to help these critical stakeholder groups recover from pandemic-related challenges, build resilience, and foster more economic opportunities for residents. 

The initiative will also support these desired outcomes through training, technical assistance, and access to grant writing resources and guidance.

Berkshire Funding Focus is hosted by Berkshire Regional Planning Commission. Other collaborating organizations include the Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires, 1Berkshire, BERK12, Berkshire Black Economic Council, Berkshire United Way, Berkshire Bank, Health Resources in Action, and Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.