FY2023 Commonwealth Critical Incident Stress Management Program

Eligible applicants are local municipal law enforcement departments that employ emergency service providers who are currently certified by the Massachusetts Peer Support Network or International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, Inc. and provide crisis intervention services to emergency service providers. This grant supports:

  • Contracting Therapists/Clinicians: costs associated with hiring qualified therapists/clinicians to train emergency service providers in techniques to cope with crisis and/or to provide emergency response to critical incidents.
  • Bridge Care: costs associated with emergency responses to critical incidents and “bridge care” services prior to having a treatment plan in place.
  • Advertising: costs associated with promoting services to law enforcement personnel.
  • Services/Activities: Team webpage/Team app development, integration of comfort dog program into CISM and/or peer support responses
  • Operational Costs: costs associated with CISM programmatic expenses, i.e., membership fees etc.