MVP Action Grant

The MVP Action Grant offers financial resources to communities that are seeking to advance priority climate adaptation actions to address climate change impacts resulting from extreme weather, sea level rise, inland and coastal flooding, severe heat, and other climate impacts.

Action Grants are open to municipalities who have completed the Community Resilience Building process through MVP Planning 1.0 (or another process deemed comparable) and received “MVP Community.” Applications from regional partnerships of multiple municipalities are eligible provided that the lead municipal applicant is MVP-designated.

Audience:Cities and Towns

Funder:Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Due Date:April 26, 2024

Max Award:$3,000,000 ($5,000,000 for regional projects)

Min Award:$25,000

Match/Cost Share:Reduced to 10% - 0% for Inland Flooding Impact (Clarksburg, Dalton, North Adams, Pittsfield)