State Traffic Safety Information System Improvements Grant

This grant program makes federal funds available to help improve state safety data systems through projects that:

  • Make measurable improvements to performance attributes (accessibility, accuracy, completeness, integration, timeliness, or uniformity) of state safety data systems (citation/adjudication, crash, driver, EMS/injury surveillance, roadway, or vehicle) that will assist with identifying priorities for federal, state, and local traffic safety programs;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of such efforts;
  • Link state data systems, including traffic records and relevant data systems;
  • Improve the compatibility and interoperability of state data systems with national data systems and the data systems of other states; and
  • Enhance the state’s ability to observe and analyze national trends in crash occurrences, rates, outcomes, and circumstances.

Audience:Cities and Towns, Non-Profits, Education

Funder:Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

Pre-Application Date:February 28, 2023

Due Date:March 10, 2023

Max Award:None stated

Min Award:None stated

Match/Cost Share:20%