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2024 Preservation Technology and Training Grants

The Preservation Technology and Training (PTT) Grants are administered by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), the National Park Service’s innovation center for the preservation community. The […]

2024 National Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost Share Grant Program

The USDA Forest Service Urban & Community Forestry Program is the only dedicated urban forest program in the federal government. It is a technical, financial, and educational assistance program that […]

Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grant Program

The Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grant program (Community Change Grants), created by the Inflation Reduction Act, offers an unprecedented $2 billion in grants under this Notice of Funding […]

Institutes for K-12 Educators

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Division of Education Programs is accepting applications for the Institutes for K-12 Educators programs. NEH Institutes are professional development programs that convene K-12 […]

Homeless Emergency Support

The goal of this targeted Homeless Emergency Support grant is to provide funding for programs that ensure students who are homeless enroll in and attend school, and have racially equitable […]

FY24 and FY25: Genocide Education

The purpose of this competitive grant program is to support teaching and learning related to the history of genocide. As stated in Chapter 98 of the Acts of 2021, “Every […]

FY24 Hate Crime Prevention Round 2

The purpose of the competitive state-funded grant is to support the implementation of programs designed to prevent hate crimes and incidences of bias in public schools as defined under M.G.L. […]

[Closed] Spotlight on Humanities in Higher Education

The Spotlight on Humanities in Higher Education program supports the exploration and development of small projects that would benefit underserved populations through the teaching and study of the humanities at […]

Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program

The Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program (LB21) supports the training and professional development of library and archives professionals; developing faculty and information leaders; and recruiting, educating, and retaining the […]


The mission of the WBC Program is to act as the catalyst for providing in-depth, substantive, outcome oriented business services to women entrepreneurs, both nascent and established businesses, a representative […]