Planning Assistance Grants

This grant funding to the Commonwealth’s municipalities and Regional Planning Agencies supports their efforts to plan, regulate (zone), and act to conserve and develop land consistent with the Massachusetts’ Sustainable […]

Our Town

Through project-based funding, the Our Town grant program supports activities that integrate arts, culture, and design into local efforts that strengthen communities over the long term. Our Town projects engage […]

Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant Program

Formula funding is available to municipalities across the Commonwealth through the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant Program. These funds are being made available to support the reduction of fossil fuel […]

Massachusetts State Revolving Fund

The State Revolving Fund (SRF) loan program offers affordable financing options to cities, towns, and public water utilities to improve water supply infrastructure and drinking water safety. The program helps […]

Historic Preservation Fund – History of Equal Rights – Preservation Grants

Funded through the Historic Preservation Fund, the History of Equal Rights grant program preserves sites related to the struggle for any or all people to achieve equal rights in America. […]

Audience:Cities and Towns, Non-Profits, Education

Funder:National Park Service

Max Award:Pre-preservation: $75,000; Preservation: $750,000

Min Award:Pre-preservation: $15,000; Preservation: $75,000

Match/Cost Share:None required.

Cyber Resilient in Massachusetts

The Cyber Resilient Massachusetts Grant Program will provide grants from the MassCyberCenter to municipalities in Massachusetts to fund narrowly focused technology upgrades that will better position municipalities to defend against […]

Grants for Arts Projects

Grants for Arts Projects support public engagement with the arts and arts education, integration of the arts with strategies promoting the health and well-being of people and communities, and improvement […]

Audience:Cities and Towns, Non-Profits, Education

Funder:National Endowment for the Arts

Max Award:$100,000 ($150,000 for Local Arts Agencies)

Min Award:$10,000 ($30,000 for Local Arts Agencies)

Match/Cost Share:1:1

Digital Projects for the Public

The Digital Projects for the Public program supports projects that interpret and analyze humanities content in primarily digital platforms and formats, such as websites, mobile applications and tours, interactive touch […]

Audience:Cities and Towns, Non-Profits, Education

Funder:National Endowment for the Humanities

Max Award:Discovery: $30,000; Prototyping: $100,000; Production: $400,000

Match/Cost Share:Non required

NSF Regional Innovation Engines

The National Science Foundation Regional Innovation Engines (NSF Engines) program creates regional-scale, technology-driven, inclusive innovation ecosystems throughout the United States by accelerating key technologies, addressing regional, national, societal, and/or geostrategic […]

Renew America’s Schools Prize to Cooperative Agreement

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE’s) Renew America’s Schools program provides investments to transform decaying public school infrastructure into healthier, more energy efficient learning environments. The program supports the implementation […]