FY 2024 Competitive Funding Opportunity: Enhancing Mobility Innovation

Funds will be awarded for projects that advance emerging technologies, strategies, and innovations in traveler-centered mobility in two distinct areas. Of the total available funds, $968,000 is available for projects to accelerate innovations that improve mobility and enhance the rider experience with a focus on innovative service delivery models, creative financing, novel partnerships, and integrated payment solutions. Another $968,000 is available for projects to develop software solutions that facilitate the provision of integrated demand-response public transportation service that dispatches public transportation fleet vehicles through riders’ mobile devices or other means.

Audience:Cities and Towns, Non-Profits, Education, Small Business

Funder:U.S. Department of Transportation

Due Date:August 30, 2024

Max Award:$968,000

Min Award:$400,000

Match/Cost Share:20%