Renew America’s Schools Prize to Cooperative Agreement

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE’s) Renew America’s Schools program provides investments to transform decaying public school infrastructure into healthier, more energy efficient learning environments. The program supports the implementation of infrastructure improvements in schools, with a focus on local educational agencies (LEAs) that qualify as rural and/or high poverty.

In Phase 1 (“Portfolio + Team”), competitors will identify a minimum of 10 schools/school facilities to be included in their application. The portfolio may span multiple LEAs. The portfolio should exhibit a high need for energy assessments and, ultimately, energy improvements.

The goal of Phase 1 is for competitors to successfully assemble their project team, assemble their portfolio of school facilities, demonstrate the need for energy improvements at schools and school facilities in the defined portfolio, and outline their process to complete the tasks in Phase 2.

Winners of Phase 1 are eligible to proceed to Phase 2 and 3 funding.

Funding in Phase 2 will reimburse Grantees for costs associated with energy audits and strategic planning and design.

In Phase 3, Grantees oversee implementation of the energy improvements identified at the end of Phase 2.