Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing in Practice

The Privacy-preserving Data Sharing in Practice (PDaSP) program seeks to foster innovative, use-inspired and translational research to mature and scale existing models, methodologies, or constructs in order to accelerate the development and deployment of practical privacy-preserving data sharing solutions. Through this program, the National Science Foundation, in partnership with industry funding partners and other federal agencies, aims to accelerate e orts to develop practical and deployable solutions that enable data sharing and analytics in a privacy-preserving manner.

  • Track 1: Advancing key technologies to enable practical Privacy Preserving Data Sharing and Analytics solutions.
  • Track 2: Integrated and comprehensive solutions for trustworthy data sharing in application settings.
  • Track 3: Usable tools, and testbeds for trustworthy sharing of private or otherwise confidential data.


Funder:National Science Foundation

Due Date:September 27, 2024

Max Award:Track 1: $1 million; Track 2: $1.5 million; Track 3: $1.5 million.

Min Award:Track 1: $500,000; Track 2: $1 million; Track 3: $500,000.

Match/Cost Share:None required.