Expand Massachusetts Stories-Open Track

Projects should use the tools of the humanities—inquiry, contextualization, and reflection—to improve our shared understanding of Massachusetts’ peoples and places. Organizations are encouraged to explore and amplify previously unacknowledged voices […]

Federal State Marketing Improvement Program

FSMIP funds a wide range of applied research projects that address barriers, challenges, and opportunities in marketing, transportation, and distribution of U.S. food and agricultural products domestically and internationally. The […]

Audience:Non-Profits, Education, Small Business

Funder:Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and U.S. Department of Agriculture

Max Award:$250,000

Min Award:$50,000

Match/Cost Share:1:1 cash or in-kind

Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program

The goal of the Food Security Infrastructure Grant Program is to ensure that individuals and families throughout the Commonwealth have access to food, with a special focus on food that […]

Racial Equity in STEM Education

Generate knowledge and/or evidence-based practice via fundamental or applied research to address racial inequities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) research. […]

Audience:Non-Profits, Education, Small Business

Funder:National Science Foundation

Max Award:$25,000,000

Match/Cost Share:None